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Ready For Another Pandemic Malady? It’s Called ‘Decision Fatigue’

Should I travel to see an elderly relative? Can I see my friends and, if so, is inside OK? Mask or no mask? Test or no test? What day? Which brand? Is it safe to send my child to day care?

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Who will make health care decisions when I can’t?

Choosing someone to act as the agent for your health care proxy is one of the most personal and important decisions in the estate planning process.

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Elderly patients and intensive care decisions

According to a study of 15 emergency departments, patients over age 80 who are admitted to intensive care are often not asked their opinion about admission.

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How to decide when to move to assisted living

Shirley Miller and her husband built their life in New Mexico. They had a beautiful home and many good friends. But an extended trip to the hospital changed all of that.

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