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Managing Debt In Retirement Takes Some Planning

People have the most options to deal with debt if they create a plan before they retire, financial planners say.

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What Happens When Your Parents Die Broke

When people die, their debts don’t disappear. Those debts are now owed by their estates.

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Social Security, the Debt, And Tax Reform

In a recent appearance on Politico’s Playbook, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla, reduced the complexity of Social Security into roughly four quotes.

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Unpaid Bills, Debt Burdens: Are You Afraid to Look at Your Finances?

Not wanting to confront unpaid bills is a perfectly understandable, if unfortunate, reaction to a bad financial situation.

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Take control of your debt with money saving tips

Want to learn how to save money? You’re not alone. An overwhelming number of Americans want to learn more about managing their finances.

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Older Americans struggle with student debt

By Kimberly Heflin WASHINGTON — Rosemary Anderson could be 81 by the time she pays off her student loans. After struggling with divorce, health problems and an underwater home mortgage, the 57-year-old anticipates there could come a day when her Social Security benefits will be docked to make the payments. Like Anderson, a growing percentage […]

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