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Social Security Helps Prevent A Poverty-Ridden Old Age

When I was a young worker paying Social Security payroll taxes into the Trust Funds — which were going to help retired workers on a “pay as you go” basis — I was told that “Social Security won’t be there to help you when you need to retire.”

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Medicare, Social Security: We Need Our Own ‘Operation Coffee Cup‘

Sixty-one years ago, Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan recorded a 10- minute long recording entitled Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine part of a clandestine “Operation Coffee Cup” campaign funded by the American Medical Association, warning citizens about the dangers of Social Security and a government-sponsored health insurance plan for the elderly.

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Social Security And How It Relates To The Debt Ceiling

Social Security is largely unaffected by this event because the system has layers of dedicated funding. The program has exclusive claims on payroll tax revenue.

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Don’t leave our future in the hands of Congress

If there’s one thing I learned from the deficit reduction talks in Washington, it’s that I can’t take for granted that the entitlements my parents and grandparents have enjoyed will remain the same for my generation of baby boomers.

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Kerry on Social Security, Medicare

Medicare and Social Security should not be on the table during the deficit reduction conversation. Rather, Congress should reduce wasteful spending and close tax loopholes for the wealthy and corporations. That was the takeaway from today’s AARP Massachusetts telephone town hall meeting.

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