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4 Ways To Be A Good Traveler In The Age Of Overtourism

In Paris, the Louvre Museum closed for a day because workers said the crowds were too big to handle.

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Fyllis lunch with Monk

Mingling In Myanmar, A Country Of Surprises

My first surprise was that a Buddhist monk in Myanmar spoke English, although our guide did have to translate some of the discussion that my wife Fyllis and I had with him.

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A People praying at pagoda

Myanmar: Country of Contrasts, Pagodas, Culture & Controversy

There is very little that can entice me to get up at 4 a.m., but how often do you get a chance to bathe a Buddha?

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Street food 2

Sicily Mixes Nature, History and Culture With The Unexpected

Residents of the triangular-shaped Italian island exhibit a friendliness and self-deprecating humor that make them one reason to visit.

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Making wine in terra cotta pots

Cyprus offers friendly people, historical treasures, enchanting scenery

Women who live in a tiny mountain village sit together sewing lace tablecloths, renowned for their beauty and fine workmanship. In a city not far away, diners at sidewalk cafes enjoy their fill of grilled pork, baked lamb.

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