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How To Avoid The No. 1 Text Message Scam Putting Your Money At Risk

The Federal Trade Commission recently revealed the most reported text message scam: bank impersonations. Reports of bank impersonations by text in 2022 jumped to 20 times the number reported in 2019.

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4 Ways To Protect Your Holiday Packages

A recent survey conducted by Chamberlain Group found that 69 percent of homeowners worry about their packages going missing during the holidays, adding to the stress they feel this time of year.

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5 ways to protect yourself from Medicare fraud

Medicare fraud is big business, and like most businesses, it has adapted to the new environment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Medicare’s Open Enrollment Is Open Season For Scammers

Finding the best private Medicare drug or medical insurance plan among dozens of choices is tough enough without throwing misleading sales tactics into the mix.

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Financial Abuse: Help Loved Ones Protect Themselves

In 2020, the FBI reported a record amount of cybercrime complaints adding up to over $4.1 billion in losses. More than half of those losses were suffered by people aged 50 and older.

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Government Grant Scam Costs Elderly Woman $3,200

Alice, 77, lives in rural New England. She received a Facebook Messenger text from a work colleague named Ron, who told her she could qualify for a large cash award from the government. She would get a text the next morning to determine eligibility.

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