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COVID-19 Linked To Financial Toll On Patients

The lingering effects of COVID-19 on some patients’ health has gotten a lot of attention. But a new study suggests many face long-term major financial impacts after their illness.

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As Pandemic Emergencies End, People Battling Long Covid Feel ‘Swept Under the Rug’

Lost careers. Broken marriages. Dismissed and disbelieved by family and friends. These are some of the emotional and financial struggles long covid patients face years after their infection.

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Health Care Vaccine Mandate Remains As Some Push For An End

At Truman Lake Manor in rural Missouri, every day begins the same way for every employee entering the nursing home’s doors, with a swab up the nose, a swirl of testing solution and a brief wait to see whether a thin red line appears indicating a positive COVID-19 case. 

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More Covid Variants, More Alzheimer’s Drugs

As 2023 entered its first month, the media began spreading stories about the new Covid “subvariant,” XBB.1.5, warning of a potential surge in COVID-19 cases as it sweeps across the Northeast.

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How Will Life Change Once The COVID-19 Emergency Ends?

The declaration of a COVID-19 public health emergency three years ago changed the lives of millions of Americans by offering increased health care coverage, beefed-up food assistance and universal access to coronavirus vaccines and tests.

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What Older Americans Need to Know About Taking Paxlovid

A new coronavirus variant is circulating, the most transmissible one yet. Hospitalizations of infected patients are rising. And older adults represent nearly 90% of U.S. deaths from covid-19 in recent months, the largest portion since the start of the pandemic.

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