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Democrats Will Still Need Buy-In From GOP on Key Health Priorities

Democrats have argued for more generous pandemic relief, more pressure on drugmakers to lower prices and more attention to systemic racism in health care.

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Drug Costs Skyrocket: Congress Stalls On Capping Medicare Out-Of-Pockets

Sharon Clark is able to get her life-sustaining cancer drug, Pomalyst, priced at more than $18,000 for a 28-day supply, only because of the generosity of patient assistance foundations.

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Medical Bills

Investors’ Deep-Pocket Push To Defend Surprise Medical Bills

As proposals to ban surprise medical bills move through Congress and state legislatures with rare bipartisan support, physician groups have emerged as the loudest opponents.

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Social Security 2100 Act Aims To Fix The Entitlement

According to bill sponsors, the Social Security 2100 Act increases benefits for all current and future Social Security recipients, cuts taxes for almost 12 million seniors, and ensures the system remains solvent for the rest of this century.

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Will Legislation Ensure Retirement Security?

Federal policy on retirement security is one chaotic mess right now. Just consider the contradictory state of affairs when it comes to pensions and retirement income. 

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Fixing Out-Of-Network Bills Means Someone Must Pay

A bipartisan group of senators has been working to come up with a plan for the past several months. They said Thursday that they hope to have a bill to the president by July.

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