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Bizarre Food Shopping Rituals During Quarantine

We all took a vow recently in our family — we would avoid grocery stores at all costs. We have several people in our house more susceptible to Covid-19 than others.

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Designing senior living

Designing Senior Living Facilities A Challenging Task

“Aging in place” is a concept that allows seniors to live safely and comfortably at home as they age.

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Retirement can be a drag. 5 ways to fix that

We spend decades dreaming of the day when life won’t be dictated by alarm clocks, commute times, meeting schedules and office politics.

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Social Security

What is the Social Security Shortfall?

Today, the discussion of Social Security’s long-term financial challenges is pretty much limited to when the consequences arrive rather than how we will manage them when they arrive.

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Eating and staying healthy this holiday season

When it comes to maintaining healthy lifestyles, people tend to fall off the wagon from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Then, they set “get in shape” and “lose weight” as New Year’s resolutions.

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Aging boomers strain cities built for the young

By Lauran Neergaard WASHINGTON — America’s cities are beginning to grapple with a fact of life: People are getting old, fast, and they’re doing it in communities designed for the sprightly. To envision how this silver tsunami will challenge a youth-oriented society, just consider that seniors soon will outnumber schoolchildren in hip, fast-paced New York […]

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