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Feline friendly? How To Build Rap-Paw With Your Cat

This eye narrowing action by humans generates something popularly known as a cat smile: The so called “slow blink.”

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Can Cats Improve Mental State And Health?

Foster cats are being placed with people 60 and older, and researchers are evaluating the impact of the companionship.

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Can a cranky old cat survive a crazy new dog?

We got her. Our new dog Libby arrived last week and we couldn’t be happier. She’s sweet. She’s little. She’s adorable. She infuses the house with youthful vigor, joy and play.

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Spencer and Chloe, pets

Cat videos boost energy, positive emotions

The Internet phenomenon of watching cat videos, from Lil Bub to Grumpy Cat, does more than simply entertain; it boosts viewers’ energy and positive emotions and decreases negative feelings.

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Falene 7:27:10

Falene filled our home with joy

When the little calico cat showed up at my office doorstep more than 20 years ago, one look at those huge green eyes, with their dark, mascara-like rims, and that “prairie dog” stance and I was instantly won over.

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