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Signs Your Aging Parents May Need More Help At Home

When aging parents struggle with basic tasks such as self-care, transportation or household chores, they don’t always talk about it.

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Caregivers: Happiness Training May Ease Anxiety

Much has been written about the stresses and emotional demands of caring for family members with dementia, and a new study suggests that some of this burden can be offset by training.

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The Joys of Having My Mom Live with Us

I love having her here. I haven’t lived with my mom in 40 years. At first we were out of practice, but now it feels like we picked right up where we left off in 1978.

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States Push For Caregiver Tax Credits

The price of paying for help isn’t cheap: The going rate in the San Francisco Bay Area ranges from $25 to $35 an hour.

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Understanding Loneliness In Older Adults: Tailoring A Solution

For years, Dr. Linda Fried offered older patients who complained of being lonely what seemed to be sensible guidance. “Go out and find something that matters to you,” she would say.

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Tales Of Parental Caregiving: Cat On A Plane

As crazy-making as it can be to care for aging parents sometimes, there also can be moments of snort-stuff-out-your-nose hilarity.

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