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Seven Tips For Better Brain Health

Being active socially, physically, and mentally may actually prevent memory loss in those who start showing signs of forgetfulness.

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Do You Expect Your Children To Care For You?

Most older people needing help with daily tasks like dressing and bathing receive assistance informally from a spouse or partner or their adult children

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Caregivers: Why You Should Make Happiness a Priority

We are a generation of caregivers. We support our children often longer than we were supported.

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Caregivers Draw Support by Mapping Their Relationships

Every time Jacque Pearson tried to devise a plan to move her 81-year-old dad, who has Alzheimer’s, from his home in Boise, Idaho, to hers in Denver, she felt stuck.

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How Do You Become a Really Good Daughter?

I pick up the electric shaver. “I don’t want to hurt you,” I say to my Dad. I’ve never shaved a man before.

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What Is Telehealth and How Does It Help Family Caregivers?

I was a long-distance caregiver for my Mom and Pop for more than 15 years. I remember calling home to learn how Mom’s doctor’s visit went.

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