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health care during the democratic debate

Health Care Stayed Front And Center At Democratic Debate

Voters got a better look at Democrats’ health care priorities as 12 of the leading candidates vowed to codify abortion access, threatened to jail opioid company executives and added a few more details to their health plans during the fourth Democratic debate.

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Medicare For All Health

Think ‘Medicare For All’ Is The Only Democratic Health Plan?

If you tuned in for the first five nights of the Democratic presidential debates, you might think “Medicare for All” and providing universal care are the only health care ideas Democrats have.

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Pharmaceutical Cash Rolls Into Congress To Defend Embattled Industry

In the heat of the most ferocious battle over drug prices in years, pharmaceutical companies are showering U.S. senators with campaign cash as sweeping legislation heads toward the floor.

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Obamacare, Medicare, Medicare For All

Obamacare, Medicare & ‘Medicare For All’ Muddy Campaign Trail

The health care debate has Democrats on Capitol Hill and the presidential campaign trail facing renewed pressure to make clear where they stand.

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Clinton, Trump, Presidential, Social Security

Social Security: 3 questions to ask the presidential candidates

The program isn’t in the best shape. By the time that either candidate for President reaches the Oval Office, the program will have nearly $12 trillion of promises to existing voters for which it does not expect to generate cash.

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Mass. candidates address retiree concerns at AARP forum

The candidates appeared at historic Faneuil Hall for an AARP sponsored forum, which focused on key issues for older individuals and their families, including health and prescription drug affordability, economic security for older workers, home and community based care, housing and transportation.

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