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Older Entrepreneurs As Successful As Younger Counterparts

From Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, the stories of prosperous, young innovators drive the American economic narrative.

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Care Suffers as Nursing Homes Feed Money Into Corporate Web

When one of Martha Jane Pierce’s sons peeled back the white sock that had been covering his 82-year-old mother’s right foot for a month, he discovered rotting flesh.

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Focus on 50+ consumers: Business owners follow demographics

Businesses like home health care providers, restaurants, cleaning services and lawn maintenance companies are those most likely to be needed by retirees.

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PACE, a program to help keep older people out of nursing homes, allows Vivian Malveaux, 81, to live at home in Denver. InnovAge, which runs her program, converted to a for-profit company last year. (Nick Cote for The New York Times and Kaiser Health News)

As the for-profit world moves into an elder care program, some worry

Inside a senior center here, nestled along a bustling commercial strip, Vivian Malveaux scans her bingo card for a winning number. Her 81-year-old eyes are warm, lively and occasionally set adrift by the dementia plundering her mind.

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Hello retailers, could you please extend a welcome mat?

It’s a lazy, rainy Sunday, and I’m trying to catch up with back issues of my decorating magazines. Too bad I need a magnifying glass and every light turned on in the room to make out the tiny, fancy white type describing where to purchase the items listed in the articles.

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Let’s give small business owners a competitive edge

Passed by the New Jersey Assembly with bi-partisan support just last week, the bill would give employees a convenient way to save for retirement through an easy payroll deduction at work and give employers like Molly a competitive edge.

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