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Wellness: A Healthy Breakfast Fuels Energy All Day

Whether you’re extremely active or just starting on a wellness journey, incorporating wholesome, nutritious foods into your diet plan can help give your body the fuel it needs to thrive.

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If You Skip Breakfast You Are Missing Key Nutrients

Adults who skip breakfast are likely to miss out on key nutrients that are most abundant in the foods that make up morning meals, a new study suggests.

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Breakfast Buffet Makes It Easy On Host, Guests

A help-yourself breakfast spread checks a lot of boxes. Your guests can relax and start their day at their own speed.

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Scrambled Eggs Baked In Muffin Tins Make Mornings Easier

When it comes to healthy eating, good intentions and willpower can only take us so far. That’s why I believe strongly in making the healthy choice the easy choice.

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Can breakfast help keep us thin? Maybe, if you can trust the studies

Cereal makers have happily encouraged the belief that eating breakfast can help keep us thin and bring other benefits, partly by paying for studies that seem to support the idea.

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7 creative, delicious things to do with your slow cooker

Think all your slow cooker is good for is cranking out pots of chili and beef stew? Think again! This versatile kitchen workhorse can be put to use for all manner of things.

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