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The Double Decision computerized speed processing game from Posit Science offers potential to improve cognitive function and reduce dementia risk.

Could brain training prevent dementia?

To date, cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists have largely rejected evidence that computer-based cognitive-training software or “brain games” have any effect on cognitive function.

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Brain fitness program may ease cognitive issues

Many elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment experienced better brain function after a “fitness” program designed to sharpen their minds.

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Out of shape middle-agers risk small brains in old age

People who are out of shape in midlife may end up with smaller brain volume as they age compared to peers who exercise regularly, a according to a U.S. study.

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Active sex life equals healthy brain in old age

A healthy sex life in old age may help keep the brain healthy as well, though this connection may not work the same way for both sexes.

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Memory complaints in women may signal dementia years later

These memory complaints may be a very early symptom of a gradual disease process such as Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies have shown this association, however, this study followed women over the course of nearly 20 years.

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Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet keeps brains healthy

Higher fish intake and lower meat consumption, one aspect of a Mediterranean diet, was tied to larger total gray matter volume on the brain scans.

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