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Calling All Baby Boomers: Get Tested For Hepatitis C

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 300 million people across the globe are unaware they’re living with viral hepatitis.

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Geriatric Assessments Could Fine-Tune Cancer Care For Older Adults

In a move to improve cancer care for older adults, the American Society of Clinical Oncology is recommending that all patients age 65 and older receive a geriatric assessment when considering or undergoing chemotherapy.

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How Boomers Are Putting The Fun In Funeral Planning

We boomers are taking charge and customizing our final sendoffs to reflect our uniqueness. No stodgy cookie-cutter rituals for us.

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War Is Coming: Panic Over Impending Social Security Crisis

Boomers inherited a fantastically wealthy country, and have, through a whole variety of methods, looted the patrimony left to them, and now expect to suck on Social Security and Medicare until they die, leaving behind misery.

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#MeToo: Boomers And Younger Women Face Generational Divide

Compared to their elders, younger women are seen as generally more willing to speak out about being sexually harassed, and bring a new set of expectations to their sexual relationships.

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Christmas Carol Lyrics Especially For Baby Boomers

‘Tis the season of Christmas-carol earworms. It’s hard to avoid ‘em since it seems as if we’ve been bombarded with holiday music since Labor Day.

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