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4 Cash-Raising Pitfalls (And Better Options)

If you’ve got more bills than money, the usual advice is to trim expenses and find additional income. But some ways of raising cash can be a lot more expensive than others. Here are four that should be avoided, if possible, and what to consider instead.

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Bill For Medical Treatment Went Sky High When Doctor Moved Up A Floor

Lee and her family were outraged by the sudden price hike, considering she had gotten the same shots for the far lower price multiple times in the years before.

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1 In 2 Seriously Sick Medicare Enrollees Struggles With Bills

The survey findings were a surprise to researchers, since Medicare is considered relatively good coverage and most people have supplemental insurance to fill its gaps.

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Medicare Advantage Overbills Taxpayers By Billions Yearly

Officials have known for years that some Medicare Advantage plans overbill the government by exaggerating how sick their patients are or by charging Medicare for treating serious medical conditions they cannot prove their patients have.

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Fixing Out-Of-Network Bills Means Someone Must Pay

A bipartisan group of senators has been working to come up with a plan for the past several months. They said Thursday that they hope to have a bill to the president by July.

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Bills For Specialists, Plastic Surgeons Cause Shock

Bob Ensor didn’t see the boom swinging violently toward him as he cleaned a sailboat in dry dock on a spring day two years ago. But he heard the crack as it hit him in the face.

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