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Mindy and holidays

Gratitude & Bringing Your Best Self To Holiday Table

Perhaps you or a loved one are not in a place emotionally, physically or spiritually that you’d hoped you’d be at this time.

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Couple, happy, love, beach

Money Can Buy Happiness if You Spend it Right

People who dole out cash to save time on things like housekeeping, delivery services and taxis are a little bit happier than those who don’t, new research finds.

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Laurie Stone with her dog Libby

How Dogs Can Teach Us To Stay Chill In This Insane World

Don’t we all feel turmoil in the air? There’s too much happening, too fast. The planet seems scarier and more chaotic than ever.

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caring, caregiver, elderly woman

Behavior changes could be clues of dementia onset

Researchers recently outlined a syndrome called “mild behavioral impairment” that may be a harbinger of Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and proposed a checklist of symptoms to alert doctors and families.

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Could your cluttered kitchens cause binge snacking?

A cluttered and chaotic kitchen can often cause out-of-control stressful feelings. It might also cause something else — increased snacking of indulgent treats.

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Is your grandchild character obsessed?

There are Frozen-themed T-shirts she has and the Frozen-inspired jewelry given to her for her recent birthday, including the analog watch from her doting grandparents and the Frozen-based games and books.

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