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What We Learn in Our Sixties

Have you ever reached a certain age and can’t believe you’re there? It seems like yesterday you’re young and dewy-eyed and in no time at all, you’re in the “seventh inning stretch.”

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Feeling Younger Buffers Us From Stress, Health Decline

People who feel younger have a greater sense of wellbeing, better cognitive function, less inflammation, lower risk of hospitalization and even live longer than their older-feeling peers.

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Lifetime Experiences Help Build Resilience to Pandemic Trauma

Older adults are especially vulnerable physically during the coronavirus pandemic. But they’re also notably resilient psychologically, calling upon a lifetime of experience and perspective to help them through difficult times.

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Tips For Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Go for nutrient-rich foods from a wide range of food groups. Focus on eating meals or snacks with high-protein such as white meat, fish, eggs, low-fat milk and soy.

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Learning to Advance The Positives of Aging

From late-night TV comedy shows where supposedly clueless older people are the butt of jokes to ads for anti-aging creams equating youth with beauty and wrinkles with decay, harsh and unflattering images shape assumptions about aging.

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Can 50+ Years be The Best Time of Life?

Bill isn’t living without obstacles. He has experienced a number of orthopedic injuries and health setbacks during his 42-year career in law enforcement in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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