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Tourists Are Packing European Hotspots, Boosted By Americans

Tourists are waiting more than two hours to visit the Acropolis in Athens. Taxi lines at Rome’s main train station are running just as long.

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Most Oppose Social Security, Medicare Cuts

Most U.S. adults are opposed to proposals that would cut into Medicare or Social Security benefits, and a majority support raising taxes on the nation’s highest earners to keep Medicare running as is.

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The Startling Geographic Inequality Gap That Emerges After Age 65

In an era when “deaths of despair,” from substance abuse and suicide, are on the rise among middle-aged Americans, those who reach age 65 are living longer than ever.

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Social Security Inaction To Result In 23 Percent Benefit Cut By 2034

If Social Security can follow the status quo over the path of the trustees’ forecast for the program, it is a pretty mild outcome.

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Retirement Savings: How Ready Are You?

Americans planning for retirement got a few more grey hairs when Washington floated the idea of curtailing the tax-deferred contributions that workers make to their 401(k) accounts.

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One Man’s Sad Story: Foreclosure Rate High Among Older Americans

My friend Bob is 73 years old. He lives alone with his dog Moxie in a small town in Western Massachusetts. For all his adult life, Bob has worked as a builder and carpenter.

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