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Will Legislation Ensure Retirement Security?

Federal policy on retirement security is one chaotic mess right now. Just consider the contradictory state of affairs when it comes to pensions and retirement income. 

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When It Comes To Older Folks, American Health Care Act 2.0 Worse Than 1.0

From bad to worse. A Massachusetts elder advocacy group says the health care reform legislation now in the operating room in Congress will not make older people healthy or happy.

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Discovering America’s historic resorts

History ties together three of the most outstanding resorts in the country, located in Eastern states.

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There’s a festival for every flight of fancy

Underwater divers off Florida’s Looe Key are serenaded by sounds ranging from a song sung by the Beatles to the high-pitched call made by humpback whales.

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America’s fittest and sickest communities

Residents of the nation’s capital, followed by Minneapolis-St. Paul, and San Diego, enjoy a variety of outdoor exercise options, and have relatively low rates of smoking, obesity and diabetes.

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Acceptance: The new American way

In a relatively short span, American views have shifted on everything from gay marriage to marijuana legalization to illegal immigration and, perhaps, more.

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