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Memory Cafe Offers Comfort & Connections

Doug and Connie Moore met at seminary. He was a student and pastor of an inner-city congregation, and she was a student and a public health nurse.

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Foods With Flavonol, Like Pears, Wine, Tomatoes Linked To Lower Dementia Risk

People who eat or drink more foods with the antioxidant flavonol, which is found in nearly all fruits and vegetables as well as tea, may be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s dementia years later, according to a study.

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Make Taking Care of Your Brain Your New Year’s Resolution

With people worldwide getting their New Year’s resolutions ready, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is encouraging individuals to take 10 steps to promote good brain health and healthy aging. 

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Doctor Discovers What’s Missing At Health Care’s Core As Wife’s Caregiver

Caring for someone with a serious illness stretches people spiritually and emotionally, often beyond what they might have thought possible.

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How To Talk About Alzheimer’s With A Family Member

Mary Foss said she knew it was time to broach this sensitive topic with her husband Darrell when she noticed he was having difficulty doing the home improvement projects.

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Researchers Rethink Alzheimer’s, Diversifying The Drug Search

When researchers at the University of Kentucky compare brains donated from people who died with dementia, very rarely do they find one that bears only Alzheimer’s trademark plaques and tangles — no other damage.

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