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Are We Winning The War On Cancer? What to Know

Can cancer be cured? Some experts say the answer is yes, but that it will require reversing course on the way it’s researched and treated.

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Alternative cold and flu remedies to try this season

While flu and cold are common to every region of the world, different cultures have developed their own remedies to tackle the all-too-familiar and dreadful symptoms.

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Alternative therapies: Are you fessing up to your doc?

More than half of chronic pain patients in a managed care setting reported using chiropractic care or acupuncture but did not discuss these alternative therapies with their primary care providers.

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More insurers are paying for alternative remedies

Acupuncture, not pain pills that “make me loopy,” is what Cynde Durnford-Branecki wants for her aching back, and a treatment costs her only a $20 copayment.

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