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Means Testing For Medicare Dental Under Debate Gets Pushback

For more than 55 years, Medicare has followed a simple policy: covered benefits are the same, no matter if you’re rich, poor, or in-between. 

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How To Have A Retirement Worth Saving For

Most advice about retirement planning focuses on how to save enough money to replace your paycheck.

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Moving Long-Distance Shows Where You Live Affects Longevity

 Would you like to live longer? It turns out that where you live, not just how you live, can make a big difference.

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Bidding Adieu to My Primary Care Doctor After Nearly 30 Years

I hadn’t expected the tears. My primary care doctor and I were saying goodbye after nearly 30 years together.

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Virus Fears Linger For Vaccinated Older Adults

Bronwyn Russell wears a mask anytime she leaves her Illinois home, though she wouldn’t dream of going out to eat or to hear a band play, much less setting foot on a plane.

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Using Internet In Retirement Boosts Cognitive Function

Results found that, on average, people who used the Internet after they retired were able to recall 1.22 extra words in the recall test compared to non-Internet users. 

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