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Vaccine: Nurses Over Drivers? Elderly Over Youth?… Who Goes First?

In this age of coronavirus, with vaccine experimentation moving at historic pace to the clinical trials phase, the ideal inoculation policy would emphasize age more than work-exposure risk.

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Telehealth Visits Have Skyrocketed For Older Adults

One in four older Americans had a virtual medical visit in the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them by video, a new telehealth poll finds.

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The New Normal in a Post-Vaccine World

Imagine this scenario, perhaps a year or two in the future: An effective COVID-19 vaccine is routinely available and the world is moving forward. Life, however, will likely never be the same, particularly for people over 60.

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Cognitive Functioning: Boomers Show Concerning Decline

In a reversal of trends, American baby boomers scored lower on a test of cognitive functioning than did members of previous generations.

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Stress During COVID: Older adults Are Resilient

Older  adults say they’ve been through worse, but many are feeling the stress of COVID-19 and prolonged social distancing measures.

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Home Health Workers Pay Is Paltry, Says Biden

In a speech this month, former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, offered the third installment of a four-part economic plan being rolled out in advance of the Democratic National Convention in August.

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