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Healthy Lifestyle Linked To Slower Memory Decline

A healthy lifestyle, in particular a healthy diet, is associated with slower memory decline, finds a decade-long study of older adults.

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Americans Over 50 Show Signs Of Food Addiction

Whether you call them comfort foods, highly processed foods, junk foods, empty calories or just some of Americans’ favorite foods and drinks, a sizable percentage of older Americans have an unhealthy relationship with them, according to a new poll.

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Cannabis-Related Emergency Room Visits Rising Among Older Adults

As a growing number of older adults are experimenting with cannabis to help alleviate chronic symptoms, a new study has identified a sharp increase in emergency department visits related to the drug.

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Nostalgia And The Loss Of Penny Candy, Noise-Free Gardening

The idea that we could get two, first-run flicks for 50 cents was an economical way for our parents to get rid of us for an afternoon, not to mention allowing us kids to escape into a fantasy-filled experience of faraway places.

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Do women age differently from men?

The life expectancy of women is significantly higher than that of men. However, women also suffer more often from age-related diseases and adverse drug reactions.

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Nightmares In Middle Age Linked To Dementia Risk

People who experience frequent nightmares in middle age are more likely to be diagnosed with dementia later in life, according to research at the University of Birmingham.

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