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In Sickness & Health: How Couples Face Chronic Conditions

A new study suggests that as married couples age and develop chronic conditions, the daily demands of coping with their own health demands and those of their spouse may take a mental toll.  

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How Personality Traits Affect Retirement Spending

How quickly you spend your savings in retirement may have as much or more to do with your personality than whether you have a lot of debt or want to leave an inheritance. 

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4 Essentials For Winter Health And Safety

Colder temperatures, inclement weather, changes in the amount of daylight, and the spread of cold and flu viruses can all have a significant impact on your winter well-being.

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Learn 4 Ways To Spend The Long Winter Months

As the cold weather sets in we often spend more time indoors, offering the perfect opportunity to learn something new.

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The 6 Biggest Retirement Mistakes, And 1 Defense

One of the biggest retirement mistakes you can make is not realizing what you don’t know.

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Antidepressant Use Soars Among People Over 65

Despite a rise in antidepressant use, there was little change in the number of older people diagnosed with depression.

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