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Toy Companies Aim More Products At Older Adults

Toy makers are tweaking original classic games or coming out with new ones that embrace an audience that’s been around for a while: people over 65 years old.

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What Happens To Our Memory As We Age

It’s an age-old paradox, as we get older and have more wisdom and life experiences to share, our minds start playing tricks on us, and we find it more difficult to retrieve the information we want.

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Let’s Have An Honest Conversation About What to Expect As You Age

How many of us have wanted a reliable, evidence-based guide to aging that explains how our bodies and minds change as we grow older and how to adapt to those differences?

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Multivitamin Improves Memory In Older Adults

Many older people take vitamins or dietary supplements under the assumption that they will help maintain general health. But studies that have tested whether they improve memory and brain function have been mixed

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Digital Puzzle Games Could Be Good For Memory In Older Adults

Older adults who play digital puzzle games have the same memory abilities as people in their 20s, a new study has shown.

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Social Participation Promotes Optimal Aging In Older Adults

An in-depth research examined over 7000 Canadians in their middle and senior years over a span of around three years to explore the potential correlation between increased social engagement and successful aging during the later stages of life.

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