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Study: Vitamin D No Benefit To The Those Over 70

There is little benefit for those over 70 taking higher dose vitamin D supplements to improve their bone strength and reduce the risk of falls.

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Researchers Find Exercise May Help Fight Depression In Older People

Research shows that physical activity may help fight depression in older people by stimulating muscle-generated mood boosters.

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Boot Camp After 60: 10 Steps To Turn Around Unhealthy Habits

Most baby boomers approach retirement age unwilling to follow basic healthy lifestyle goals established by the American Heart Association.

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6 Tips to Avoid Charity Scams

While scams and other ploys can arise at any time, they often increase while emotions are running high.

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How Caregiving Role Can Put Your Wellbeing At Risk

Much has been said about the Sandwich Generation, that group of people tasked with simultaneously caring for aging parents and raising their own children.

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Should You Pay Off Mortgage Before You Retire?

To cover mortgage payments, retirees frequently have to withdraw more from their retirement funds than they would if the mortgage were paid off.

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