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Three Workouts Everyone Over 60 Needs

You want to live the healthiest life possible and you realize that to do so, you can’t rely on the same old workouts.

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Bruce Horovitz with his wife, Evelyne, and daughters, Becca (left) and Rachel, at a lakeside campground near Interlaken, Switzerland, where the family travels each summer. (Courtesy of Bruce Horovitz)

Who Knew? Life Begins (Again) At 65

I’m certain that turning 65 was the watershed moment that finally grew me up.

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Vitamin D May Not Improve Bone Health

Vitamin D supplements have long been recommended to seniors for treating and preventing the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis.

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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Decluttering

Sorting through decades of belongings is often emotional and stressful, as questions and decisions pile up: Is this jewelry valuable?

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Family: Balancing 2 Or More Generations Under One Roof

As people plan their retirement years, more and more are preferring to make the right adjustments at home to age in place, rather than exploring alternatives such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

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Most Americans Underestimate Retirement Needs

Time for a little thought experiment: Take a moment and think of the savings you will need in retirement. 

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