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Minister Harper Confronts Ageism And The Shame It Brings

Later life is a time of reassessment and reflection. What sense do we make of the lives we have lived? How do we come to terms with illness and death? What do we want to give to others as we grow older?

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Biden, Trump Both Likely To Be ‘Super Agers’

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 77, and President Donald Trump, 74 are likely to maintain their health beyond the end of the next presidential term. 

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Ageism Seen @Twitter During #COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a perfect storm ageism on social media. Public discourse and negative sentiment were found on nearly one out of five Twitter posts related to older adults and COVID-19.

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Most Adults Say They’ve Experienced Ageism

An offhand remark by an acquaintance about using a smartphone. A joke about someone losing their memory or hearing.

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The Pandemic’s Impact On Older Adults

COVID-19 has placed a high-intensity spotlight on the deleterious effects of deep-seated ageism, sexism and racism on older Americans.

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Ageist Media? Introducing Our Very Old Next President

The alignment of Donald Trump,73, alongside Biden and Sanders in the political arena has brought out all the ageist canards that lie just below the veneer of American politics.

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