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Age May Bias Heart Care, Study Finds

People are more likely to buy things when prices end in 99 cents rather than rounded up to the next dollar, or cars with mileage under 1,000 instead of past that mark.

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In Search Of Age-Friendly Health Care

A month ago, during a visit to her doctor’s office in Sequim, Wash., Sue Christensen fell to her knees in the bathroom when her legs suddenly gave out.

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Older Americans More Likely To Cite Workplace Discrimination

About half of Americans think there’s age discrimination in the workplace, according to a poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

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Would A Higher Social Security Retirement Age Hurt Retirees?

Is it time to raise the Social Security retirement age? The idea crops up often as a partial fix for the long-term financial challenges facing the program.

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Social Security Claiming Rules Invite Calamity

As you will quickly realize, I am not a fan of the rules governing claiming date within Social Security.

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Is Age A Factor in Facial Skin Cancer Treatment?

Age of the patient and relative lifespan could be taken into consideration when discussing treatment for slow-growing facial nonmelanoma skin cancer, say the authors. 

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