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Find Free, Solid Money Advice In Uncertain Times

If you have money questions there are plenty of people willing to offer advice: friends, relatives and random strangers on the internet. 

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4 Ways To Prevent Loneliness From Wrecking Your Retirement

A study found that nearly half of Americans report feeling lonely sometimes or always, which the study concluded is a national “epidemic.” 

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Save or splurge? Making the most of your tax refund

Tax refund time is here. Last year the IRS issued 111 million refunds, with an average refund of $2,860. More than 70 percent of taxpayers will get refunds this year, the IRS estimates.

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Tips from the pros on how to lose weight

Make small changes in the kitchen, at the grocery store and in restaurants to help you make good choices without thinking.

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Can you and your spouse co-exist in the same house day after day?

It’s happened. My husband Randy is now retired. And I’m glad, truly. He deserves an easier life, having spent the past 35 years zooming around the globe on business trips.

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Sandwich generation: Help for caregivers caught in middle

Donald Patterson lived in hospice care for months until his death following a catastrophic stroke that left him bedridden. His wife, Carol, started a caregivers’ support group on Facebook two years ago in June.

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