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Are Facebook Friends Unintentionally Hurting You?

Social media sites, like Facebook, often present users with social exclusion information that may actually inhibit intelligent thought.

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If Advertising Told The Truth About Real People And Aging

If you’re like me, there’s a whole lotta head-shaking and eye-rolling going on when you see TV and magazine ads nowadays.

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Are advertisers finally discovering our sweet spot?

Our 78 million demographic is worth its weight in gold: $15 trillion in global buying power by the end of this decade.

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Our money is good! Boomer consumers warrant courting

As they have at every previous stage of their lives, boomers will continue to profoundly change the lifestyle, consumer and career models from what they had been before.

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Scooter ads face scrutiny from government doctors

By Matthew Perrone WASHINGTON — TV ads show smiling seniors enjoying an “active” lifestyle on a motorized scooter, taking in the sights at the Grand Canyon, fishing on a pier and high-fiving their grandchildren at a baseball game. The commercials, which promise freedom and independence to people with limited mobility, have driven the nearly $1 […]

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Campaign to preserve health, retirement security

Washington, DC, May 4 — With the national debate heating up on raising the debt ceiling, today AARP launched a new campaign to fight proposals that contain arbitrary limits, caps or triggers that would result in harmful cuts to critical Social Security and Medicare benefits that millions of Americans count on. The campaign includes a […]

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