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On Medicare’s Birthday, Who’s Eating All The Cake?

Medicare and Medicaid  just celebrated their 58th birthday on July 30. But instead of celebrating with cake and ice cream, some health care groups were organizing parties to “reclaim Medicare from corporate greed.”

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Birthday Thoughts: ‘When I’m … 64???’ (Yikes!)

You can’t imagine how old and wretched I pictured this age when I first heard Paul McCartney’s song back in 1967.

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The Countdown to 60 Begins … And I’m Fine With it … Really, I’m Fine … Gulp

Getting to this stage feels like entering a new level of education, the “School of Later Years.” If 90-somethings are the dignified seniors, then we 60-somethings are the brash freshmen.

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The countdown to 60 begins (and really … I’m fine … gulp)

My God, my 60th birthday’s barreling down faster than Usain Bolt in Rio. There’s less than one month to go and I’m feeling a funny brew. There’s definitely a “Holy-sh*t, how did I get here?”

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More Americans making it to their 100th birthday and beyond

The ranks of Americans that make it past their 100th birthday is growing, according to a new government report.

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Social Security’s birthday: Can we count on 80 more?

Today, as Social Security celebrates its 80th birthday, the federal government’s largest benefit program stands at a pivotal point in its history. Can it survive? What’s at stake?

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