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Democrats Push To Retool Health Care Programs

Dental work for seniors on Medicare. An end to sky’s-the-limit pricing on prescription drugs. New options for long-term care at home. Coverage for low-income people locked out of Medicaid by ideological battles.

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Democrats Plan To Boost Medicare, Long-Term Care Spending

The budget package Democrats are assembling in Congress would likely provide the biggest jolt to the American health care system since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, according to sources familiar with work on the plan.

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Financial Vital Signs To Monitor Right Now

With people going back to offices, travel resuming and Congress making significant changes to various laws affecting your finances, consider taking some time to check in on your money.

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Autopay Among 5 Pandemic-Driven Financial Habits Worth Keeping

For many Americans, spending less amid the pandemic came naturally because of income loss or fewer spending options after restaurants and travel largely shut down.

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Biden’s Expansion Of Long-Term Care Sparks Debate

President Joe Biden is proposing a major expansion of the government’s role in long-term care, but questions are being raised over his using the low-income Medicaid program and piggybacking the whole idea on an infrastructure bill.

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Financial Resolution: It’s Time To Get Back On Track

We’re foure months into 2021. Let’s check on those financial New Year’s resolutions. Quite possibly, they’ve already gone awry.

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