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Best Ways To Protect Skin From Sun Damage

01 May 2022

In a recent survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults gave themselves high ratings for sun protection and most reported that sun protection is more important to them now than it was five years ago.

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Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Is Bad For You

30 April 2022

Seven hours is the ideal amount of sleep for people in their middle age and upwards, with too little or too much little sleep associated with poorer cognitive performance and mental health.

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Season, Then Sear Steak For Better Tacos

29 April 2022

After years of debating whether marinades are worth the effort, we’ve decided to mostly skip them, especially when it comes to steak on a weeknight.

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Could Certain Personality Traits Predict Cognitive Impairment?

28 April 2022

People who are organized, with high levels of self-discipline, may be less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment as they age, while people who are moody or emotionally unstable are more likely to experience cognitive decline late in life.

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Is My Drug Copay Coupon a Form of Charity — Or a Bribe?

27 April 2022

Before my insurer had even preapproved coverage of the new injectable medicine my doctor had prescribed, I got a voicemail from its manufacturer informing me that I might qualify for its copay assistance program.

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How To Make Summer Travel Plans Happen This Year

26 April 2022

After two years of cancellations, deferments and marathon sessions with airline customer service, many travelers are hoping to book summer trips that actually pan out this year. 

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