Vaccines: Older Adults Without Family, Friends Lag Behind

02 February 2021

Seniors with family members or friends to help them are getting vaccine appointments, even if it takes days to secure them. Those without reliable social supports are missing out.

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Older Adults Isolated But Resilient In Pandemic Era

01 February 2021

Since the pandemic’s descent, they have generally been viewed as among those at higher risk — older Americans, some of them medically vulnerable, figuring out how to navigate life in a COVID-saturated, increasingly isolated world.

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space theme

Space-Themed Decor Brings The Heavens Indoors

31 January 2021

It was a tough year here on Earth, but 2020 was a bright spot for space exploration.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D: An Important Factor For Overall Health

30 January 2021

Vitamin D has once again been thrust into the spotlight, this time because of its link to COVID-19. COVID-19 patients were vitamin deficient.

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Nearly Half of American Adults Now Willing To Get Vaccinated

29 January 2021

Americans’ reluctance to get vaccinated for covid-19 is waning, according to a poll released Wednesday.

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine: Is It Appropriate For Various Illnesses?

28 January 2021

As public demand grows for limited supplies of covid-19 vaccines, questions remain about the vaccines’ appropriateness for older adults with various illnesses.

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