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Caregiver Self-Care: Tips To Help Address Emotional Health

21 September 2020

Caregiving for a loved one can put a strain on even the most resilient people. Add in the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has the potential to feel challenging.

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How To Use Yoga To Sleep Better During The Pandemic

20 September 2020

Whether due to illness, altered work schedules, or social distancing, COVID-19 has impacted us all personally.

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Older Adults Are Having Second Thoughts About Where to Live

19 September 2020

Some older adults who planned to move to senior housing are now choosing to live independently rather than communally. Others wonder whether transferring to a setting where they can get more assistance might be the right call.

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Retirement: Costs That Can Make Or Break Your Nest Egg

18 September 2020

If you earn a decent income but have trouble saving, the culprits could be the roof over your head and the car in your driveway.

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How Will COVID-19 Affect Flu Season?

17 September 2020

With flu season fast approaching, health officials are urging the public to help contain the spread of influenza and avoid another outbreak amid the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. 

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New Dental Treatment Helps Fill Cavities & Insurance Gaps for Elderly

16 September 2020

Dental hygienist Jennifer Geiselhofer often cleans the teeth of senior patients who can’t easily get to a dentist’s office.

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