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Roxanne and advertising complaints

If Advertising Told The Truth About Real People And Aging

If you’re like me, there’s a whole lotta head-shaking and eye-rolling going on when you see TV and magazine ads nowadays.

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Roxanne Jones

Now In My 60s: 54 Things I Never Thought I’d Say

One recent Sunday, a friend asked if I’d seen a certain skit on SNL the night before. I heard myself reply, “No, I can’t stay up that late, but I’ll check it out online.”

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Roxanne Jones

Life Lessons From My Corkscrew, Doorknob And Other Inanimate Objects

We’ve all seen ’em: those “listicles” that impart wisdom (“All I Need to Know About Life…”) gleaned from dogs, cats, cows, the Easter bunny, toddlers and the like. Life lessons, it seems, are everywhere if you just pay attention.

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Roxanne and Hubs

8 Ways Men And Women Age Differently

The existence of fart jokes, belching contests and bra-snapping would appear proof-positive that boys are less mature than girls during childhood and adolescence.

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Roxanne Jones and Donald

In Praise of Marrying Later in Life

I remained single until I was nearly 44. I’m in awe of people who marry in their teens or 20s and are able to stay (happily) married for decades, but I wasn’t anywhere near ready to make that kind of commitment.

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IMG_1058 copy

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs redefined for baby boomers

As baby boomers in our 50s and beyond, however, I’d wager we interpret these needs and how to fulfill them a bit differently from when we were younger.

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