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‘Protected Them To Death’: Elder-Care COVID Rules Under Fire

05 July 2021

Barbara and Christine Colucci long to remove their masks and kiss their 102-year-old mother, who has dementia and is in a nursing home in Rochester, New York. They would love to have more than two people in her room at a time so that relatives can be there too.

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Celebrity Dermatologist Offers Tips For Best Summer Skin

04 July 2021

Summer is here. With the warmer weather you may be ready to spend more time outdoors, shed some inhibitions and bare a little more skin.

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Gardening: Buy Or Make A Rain Gauge To Get Watering Right

03 July 2021

In my experience, gardeners often overestimate rainfall. A cloudburst might seem to have thoroughly saturated the ground, but scratch down an inch and you might find bone-dry soil. 

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Chocolate In The Morning Could Help Burn Fat

02 July 2021

Eating milk chocolate every day may sound like a recipe for weight gain. But a new study of postmenopausal women has found that eating a concentrated amount of chocolate during a narrow window of time in the morning may help the body burn fat.

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Desperate for Home Care, Seniors Often Wait Months With Workers In Short Supply

01 July 2021

For years, Louise Shackett has had trouble walking or standing for long periods, making it difficult for her to clean her house in southeastern Maine or do laundry. Shackett, 80, no longer drives, which makes it hard to get to the grocery store or doctor.

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Aduhelm: New Alzheimer’s Drug Stirs Hope For Patients, Worry For Doctors

30 June 2021

n the weeks since a new Alzheimer’s drug was approved, hopeful patients have bombarded Dr. Alireza Atri with calls and emails about a treatment that has sparked both excitement and skepticism.

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