Velvet: A Decor Favorite Now That Never Went Away

14 January 2023

It was all over the fashion runways. Women’s Wear Daily raved about Armani dresses in this material. Harper’s Bazaar called it one of 2022’s biggest trends.

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Leftovers, Pantry Staples Make Better Fried Rice

13 January 2023

The secret to a great fried rice is all in the leftovers. Freshly cooked rice often results in a soggy, gluey dish because it continues to cook as ingredients are added to the pan.

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Leqembi: New Drug Slows Alzheimer’s But Comes With Caveats

12 January 2023

A new Alzheimer’s drug is hitting the market, the first with clear-cut evidence that it can slow, by several months, the mind-robbing disease.

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Cannabis-Related Emergency Room Visits Rising Among Older Adults

11 January 2023

As a growing number of older adults are experimenting with cannabis to help alleviate chronic symptoms, a new study has identified a sharp increase in emergency department visits related to the drug.

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How To Plan A Disneyland Trip For The Disney100 Celebration

10 January 2023

The Walt Disney Co. is set to turn 100 years old this year, and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is celebrating with new shows and a Mickey-themed attraction.

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Lost Sleep and Jangled Nerves: The Rising Onslaught of Noise Harms Mind and Body

09 January 2023

Mike Thomson’s friends refuse to stay over at his house anymore. Thomson lives about 50 yards from a busy freeway that bisects California’s capital city.

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