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Exercise & Diet More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large

10 September 2020

If your life these days is anything like mine, a pre-pandemic routine that included regular exercise and disciplined eating has probably given way to sedentary evenings on a big chair, binge-watching reruns of your favorite TV series while guzzling chocolate ice cream or mac ’n’ cheese.

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Should You Give Your Children An Equal Inheritance?

09 September 2020

Your estate plan may be your last words to those you leave behind. If you’re a parent, you should think carefully about the message you’ll be sending.

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Depression: Downward Spiral For Caregivers Of Newly Diagnosed Dementia Patients

08 September 2020

Caring for a partner or spouse with a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or related dementia is associated with a 30 percent increase in depression, compared to older adults who don’t have a spouse with dementia.

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Changing Your Exercise Routine Good For Mind, Body

07 September 2020

Did you know that altering the intensity of your workout or trying a new activity may benefit your cardiovascular and mental health?

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How To Make Your Money Biases Work For You

06 September 2020

The way our brains work can cost us a lot of money. But some of our mental quirks can be turned to our advantage.

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Wearing A Mask Can Irritate Skin: 6 Tips to Avoid ‘Maskne’

05 September 2020

There are several ways to prevent and treat acne and irritation caused by frequent face masking usage, also known as maskne.

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