Was I Happy Then? Current Feelings Can Interfere With Memories Of Past Well-Being

13 November 2022

Many of us spend our lives chasing “happiness,” a state of contentment that is more difficult for some to achieve than others.

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Homelessness Among Older People Is On The Rise, Driven By Inflation And Housing Crunch

12 November 2022

On a recent rainy afternoon in this small town just outside Glacier National Park, Lisa Beaty and Kim Hilton were preparing to sell most of their belongings before moving out of their three-bedroom, two-bathroom rental home.

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Memory, meditation,Mindfulness, yoga

Mindfulness Worked As Well For Anxiety As Drug In Study

11 November 2022

Mindfulness meditation worked as well as a standard drug for treating anxiety in the first head-to-head comparison.

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New Research Suggests Political Events Impact Sleep

10 November 2022

Major political and societal events can have dramatic impacts on psychological health and impact sleep and emotional well-being.

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Medicare, Marketing

Medicare Enrollees Warned About Deceptive Marketing Schemes

09 November 2022

Mailers designed to look like official government forms. Buses sporting scam pitches for Medicare websites. TV commercials featuring celebrities who encourage people to sign up for Medicare plans that do not always include their current doctors.

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Supreme Court To Hear Nursing Home Case That Could Affect Millions

08 November 2022

When Susie Talevski sued the agency that managed her elderly father’s care before he died, she hoped to get justice for her family.

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