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Toilet Talk: Going With The Flow

So let’s talk about toilets. That’s what a friend and I did over lunch recently. She pointed out that this once-pedestrian bathroom fixture has been elevated to virtual rock star status in some homes.

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Christmas Carol Lyrics Especially For Baby Boomers

‘Tis the season of Christmas-carol earworms. It’s hard to avoid ‘em since it seems as if we’ve been bombarded with holiday music since Labor Day.

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Roxanne Thanksgiving

Researchers on The Case: What turns on a turkey?

Did you ever wonder about the male turkey’s sexual appetite? Me either. But evidently, some scientists did.

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Why Humans Don’t Have a Penis Bone, Other Tantalizing Tidbits

I’m always filing away news items that make me smile, shake my head or go, “Hmmm…” Apparently, tidbits relating to private parts have this effect on me more often than not, judging from the assortment that found its way into this blog post.

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Do You Find Yourself Wishing Time Away?

In high school, my weekend curfew was midnight. Mom told me that once I turned 18, however, I was of legal age and could do what I liked; including staying out as late as I wished.

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More Life Lessons From Inanimate Objects

More everyday items have spoken to me (figuratively, that is, I’m not hallucinating!), imparting their wisdom.

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