Stop Throwing Out Your Pasta Water

20 January 2023

Talk to the best cooks in Italy, and they’ll tell you the secret to great pasta is an ingredient many American cooks throw out , the starchy pasta cooking water.

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What Older Americans Need to Know About Taking Paxlovid

19 January 2023

A new coronavirus variant is circulating, the most transmissible one yet. Hospitalizations of infected patients are rising. And older adults represent nearly 90% of U.S. deaths from covid-19 in recent months, the largest portion since the start of the pandemic.

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She Says/He Says: Our Marriage’s 3 Dumbest Fights

18 January 2023

After over 40 years of wedlock, you realize you can love someone and still drive each other crazy. You even learn no topic is too small, picky or ridiculous to have skirmishes over.

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Airbnb Aims To Convince More People To Rent Out Their Homes

17 January 2023

Convinced that the boom in leisure travel is permanent, Airbnb aims to expand its listings by convincing more people to turn their homes into short-term rentals.

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The Decision Of Where To Seek Care Is Complicated By The Multitude Of Options

16 January 2023

One evening in February 2017, Sarah Dudley’s husband, Joseph, started to feel sick. He had a high fever, his head and body ached, and he seemed disoriented, she said.

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Acts Of Kindness May Help Get Over Depression

15 January 2023

People suffering from symptoms of depression or anxiety may help heal themselves by doing good deeds for others, new research shows.

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