Older Adults Should And Would Like To Take Fewer Medications

18 May 2023

Majority of people over 50 are open to stopping one or more of their medications, but some of those who already did so didn’t talk with a health provider first.

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The Zen Of Pickleball

17 May 2023

Isn’t it wonderful when you discover something that takes you out of our often-scary world? This happened to me when my friend, Lisa, and I stumbled upon pickleball.

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Budget-Friendly Vacation Destinations In the U.S.

16 May 2023

Summer isn’t far away, and that’s when many individuals and families think about taking a vacation. You can stick to your travel budget in various ways.

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Poor Sleep Can Lead To Long-Term Health Problems

15 May 2023

It’s a common misconception that older adults need less sleep than those younger, but many get fewer hours due to insomnia and various health problems, including sleep apnea and heart trouble.

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French Braised Chicken Will Impress Mom

12 May 2023

If you associate chicken with dry, bland childhood dinners, you probably were eating boneless, skinless breast. It does the job, but it’s inherently flavorless and easy to overcook.

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More Workers Worry They Can’t Afford Retirement

11 May 2023

Americans are not feeling good about their financial standing when it comes to preparing for retirement. Workers and retirees are nearly as worried about making their retirement money last as they were during The Great Recession.

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