Bill For Medical Treatment Went Sky High When Doctor Moved Up A Floor

31 March 2021

Lee and her family were outraged by the sudden price hike, considering she had gotten the same shots for the far lower price multiple times in the years before.

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Hotels Are Creatively Adapting To The Pandemic

30 March 2021

he hotel industry has always been on the forefront of finding innovative ways to accommodate and take care of guests. 

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Vaccine Distribution Should Be Based On Need Not Politics

29 March 2021

In early March, the media in Florida reported that the grocery chain Publix’s had become the state’s largest COVID vaccine supplier, receiving nearly 25 percent of Florida’s available doses. Publix happens to be a major financial supporter of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Medicare Cost Cutting Rule: Same Surgery, Same Place, Different Bill

28 March 2021

A cost-saving change in Medicare launched in the final days of the Trump administration will cut payments to hospitals for some surgical procedures while potentially raising costs and confusion for patients.

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Eating Out 2 Or More Days Weekly Could Shorten Your Life

27 March 2021

Eating out is a popular activity worldwide. But, new research reveals that consuming restaurant food two or more days a week is significantly associated with an increased risk of death.

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One In 10 Older Adults Have Gotten A ‘Pandemic Pet’

26 March 2021

A lot of the attention around “pandemic pets” has focused on families with children getting a cat, dog or other pet in 2020, during a time when many people were learning or working from home. But a new poll shows that older adults also got in on the trend.

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