Medicare Premium: Up So Long, It Looks Like Down

10 October 2022

It’s not often that the Medicare premium drops, but it will happen in 2023 because of a controversial Alzheimer’s drug that was a commercial failure.

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Exercise Caution With Zero-Premium Medicare Advantage Plans

09 October 2022

Health insurers will flood the Medicare Advantage market again this fall with enticing offers for plans that have no monthly price tag.

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Photographer’s 12-Year Quest To Document Her Life Produces A Rich Portrait of Aging

08 October 2022

A dozen years ago, at age 70, Marna Clarke had a dream. She was walking on a sidewalk and rounded a corner. Ahead of her, she saw an end to the path and nothing beyond.

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Coconut Milk Yields Buttery Braised Chicken

07 October 2022

All coconut milk is not created equal. Canned coconut milk is made from finely ground coconut meat that’s recombined with water for a uniform, viscous texture that can easily overwhelm other ingredients.

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3 Reasons Not To Tap Your Home Equity Right Now

06 October 2022

Soaring real estate values mean many homeowners are awash in equity — the difference between what they owe and what their homes are worth.

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Nursing Home Surprise: Advantage Plans May Shorten Stays to Less Time Than Medicare Covers

05 October 2022

After 11 days in a St. Paul, Minnesota, skilled nursing facility recuperating from a fall, Paula Christopherson, 97, was told by her insurer that she should return home.

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