Versailles Perfume Gardens Transport Public Back In Time

20 June 2023

France, The Versailles flower gardens were once a symbol of the French king’s expeditionary might and helped water-deprived courtiers perfume their skin.

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Burnout Threatens Primary Care Workforce and Doctors’ Mental Health

19 June 2023

Melanie Gray Miller, a 30-year-old physician, wiped away tears as she described the isolation she felt after losing a beloved patient.

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Lahmajoun ‘Pizzas’ Are A Family-Friendly Dinner To Satisfy Dad

16 June 2023

In Turkey, Armenia and the Levant, a meat-topped flatbread known as lahmajoun comes topped with spiced ground lamb, tomatoes and bell pepper.

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Two Servings Or More Of Fish Per Week Promotes Brain Health

15 June 2023

Healthy older people who eat two or more servings of fish a week, including salmon, tuna and sardines, may have a lower risk later in life of developing vascular brain disease, a group of conditions that affect blood flow and blood vessels in the brain.

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Alzheimer’s Drug Leqembi Gets FDA Panel’s Backing

14 June 2023

Health advisers unanimously backed the full approval of a closely watched Alzheimer’s drug, a key step toward opening insurance coverage to U.S. seniors with early stages of the brain-robbing disease.

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3 Ways To Pay For Your Summer Vacation

13 June 2023

A summer vacation can feel like a seasonal rite of passage, a sacred time to break away from the demands of everyday life in favor of fun and relaxation.

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