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Roxanne takes on body image of an older woman

Who’s That Tired-Looking Older Woman In The Mirror?

Just the other day, I accidentally hit the Photo Booth button on my laptop, and was jolted by the image of a person I barely recognized staring back at me.

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roxanne researching funeral ideas

How Boomers Are Putting The Fun In Funeral Planning

We boomers are taking charge and customizing our final sendoffs to reflect our uniqueness. No stodgy cookie-cutter rituals for us.

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Roxanne contemplates retirement and working

Work & Retirement: Balance Making A Living With Having A Life

Many of us baby boomers are at the age when we’re contemplating (or yearning for) retirement.

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Roxanne and allergies

Springtime Allergies Could Be Age-Related Intolerance Of People

Apparently, I have developed some later-in-life allergies. These aren’t the typical allergic reactions to things like springtime pollen, dust or animal dander. Instead, I’m having reactions to a variety of behaviors I encounter.

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Oh, The Things We Remember From Decades Ago!

What’s your earliest childhood memory? I’m continually amazed at some of the stuff I can recall from when I was a kid, or inconsequential details from 30 or more years ago.

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Roxanne: Disbelief

The Suspension Of Disbelief, Can You Do It?

When someone’s driving a car and talking to the person in the passenger seat, and keeps looking at the passenger instead of where he/she’s going, I just want to scream, “Keep your eyes on the road, you idiot!”

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