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Democrats Seek Narrow Path To Rein In Cost Of Medicines

06 May 2021

President Joe Biden’s call for authorizing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices has energized Democrats on a politically popular idea they’ve been pushing for nearly 20 years only to encounter frustration.

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Poll: Government Should Help Americans Age At Home

05 May 2021

A majority of Americans agree that government should help people fulfill a widely held aspiration to age in their own homes, not institutional settings, a new poll finds.

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Cohousing Communities Examine Shared Values, Relationships

04 May 2021

Tensions were running high at PDX Commons, a cohousing community for adults 55 and older in Portland, Oregon. Several people wanted to keep visitors off-site until all 35 residents were vaccinated. Others wanted to open to family and friends for the first time in a year.

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Picking A physician: Convenience Over Reputation Wins

03 May 2021

Convenience and access win out over reputation when people over 50 look for a physician for themselves, a new study finds. But online ratings and reviews of physicians play an important role, and should receive attention from providers and policymakers.

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5 Dermatologist Recommendations For Nighttime Body Care

02 May 2021

Did you know your body repairs itself while you sleep? This is just as true for your body’s skin as it is for your brain and your muscles.

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Listing Your Home In 2021? Here’s What To Know

01 May 2021

t’s a good time to be a home seller but that doesn’t mean you can jump into the market ill-prepared. Knowing what to expect can position you to make the most of this seller’s market.

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