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Back Pain? Bum Knee? Be Prepared to Wait for Physical Therapy

30 November 2023

Wait times are generally long across the nation, as patients tell of waiting weeks or even months for appointments while dealing with ongoing pain or post-surgical rehab.

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Toy Companies Aim More Products At Older Adults

29 November 2023

Toy makers are tweaking original classic games or coming out with new ones that embrace an audience that’s been around for a while: people over 65 years old.

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Adult Children Discuss the Trials of Caring for Their Aging Parents

28 November 2023

I am 39 years old. I had to care for my father, who passed from cancer in 2019; my mother, who passed in November 2021 from cancer; and since my mother’s passing, I have inherited the care of my grandmother.

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Fill Your Holiday Stocking With Cher, Ella Fitzgerald, Brandy, Andrea Bocelli And More

27 November 2023

What is a holiday season without festive music? The classics are great, but the classics performed by some of the best performers across pop, R&B, rock, opera, soul and beyond? That`s a real reason to celebrate.

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Why Long-Term Care Insurance Falls Short for So Many

23 November 2023

The private insurance market has proved wildly inadequate in providing financial security for most of the millions of older Americans who might need home health aides, assisted living, or other types of assistance with daily living. 

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How To Satisfy Meat Eaters, Vegetarians And Vegans At Thanksgiving

22 November 2023

I know there are some Thanksgiving gatherings without a vegan or a vegetarian at the table, but these days that seems like more of an anomaly than the norm.

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