A Veggie Burger Even Memorial Day Meat Eaters Will Love

26 May 2023

While meat lovers look forward to a Memorial Day barbecue, many people might be looking for a vegetarian option. With their high protein content, black beans lend meaty substance to a veggie burger.

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What Cosmetic Procedures Can Cost

25 May 2023

Thanks to many new developments in medical tech, elective surgeries are becoming more available and affordable for patients worldwide.

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When Older Parents Resist Help or Advice, Use These Tips to Cope

24 May 2023

It was a regrettable mistake. But Kim Sylvester thought she was doing the right thing at the time. Her 80-year-old mother, Harriet Burkel, had fallen at her home in Raleigh, North Carolina, fractured her pelvis, and gone to a rehabilitation center to recover.

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New Social Security Plan Could Raise Full Retirement Age

23 May 2023

A group of Senators is working on a plan to shore up Social Security by potentially raising the full retirement age, along with other changes to how Social Security benefits are financed.

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Journaling Can Improve Your Mental & Physical Well-Being

22 May 2023

Experts estimate approximately 25 percent of the population will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year.

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Create An Outdoor Oasis In Your Backyard Or Patio

19 May 2023

A relaxing retreat just steps from the back door? Count us all in. Outdoor home spaces serve a lot of functions, but soothing refuge is one that designers say is in high demand.

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