Medicare Advantage

Why Do So Many Older Adults Choose Medicare Advantage?

26 January 2023

In 2022, 48 percent of Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans instead of original Medicare, and experts predict that number will be higher in 2023.

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Amazon Launches A Subscription Prescription Drug Service

25 January 2023

Amazon is adding a prescription drug discount program to its growing health care business. The retail giant said Tuesday that it will launch RxPass, a subscription service for customers who have Prime memberships.

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The Problems With Using Buy Now, Pay Later To Fund Travel

24 January 2023

Book a flight or hotel room now, and pay it off later? It’s an increasingly common trend in travel spending.

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Wireless Earbuds Work As Inexpensive Hearing Aids

23 January 2023

Some commercial earbuds can perform as well as hearing aids. The result could help a large proportion of people with hearing loss access more affordable sound amplification devices.

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Designers Look To Nature, Landfills For New Decor Materials

22 January 2023

At first glance, Nina Edwards Ankers’ sconces and chandeliers look like ancient scrolls of parchment, or sheets of buttery toffee, wrapped around LED bulbs.

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debt ceiling

What Does The Debt Limit Problem Mean For Social Security, Medicare?

21 January 2023

The U.S. government on Thursday ran up against its legal borrowing capacity of $31.381 trillion, and the Treasury Department began implementing “extraordinary measures” to avoid a default.

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