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7 Steps To Keep You On The Path To Healthy Aging

20 March 2022

As you age, your health needs change. Staying on top of healthy aging activities is important, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Creating a list of health and wellness to-do’s can help you stay organized, so you look and feel your best.

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Home Improvement Funds Upgrade A New House To A Home

19 March 2022

If you’re preparing to buy a home, you’ve probably been saving up for the down payment and other closing costs. But if that nest egg can only get you through the front door, it may not be enough.

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A Good Char Balances The Sweetness Of Corn

18 March 2022

Burnt food is every cook’s nightmare, but you shouldn’t be afraid of a good char. It’s a fine line, but charring sweeter vegetables such as corn or sweet potatoes builds flavor by introducing a bit of bitterness that balances their natural sugars. 

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Aunt Ann Learns There’s Magic In The Most Unlikely Of Places

17 March 2022

Sometimes it’s easy to be discouraged by humans. Too many stories abound of aggression, hatred and destruction. Meanwhile, countless acts of kindness that play out every day go unnoticed. One such occurrence happened to my aunt.

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Despite Our Strong Desire to Age In Place Village Model Remains A Boutique Option

16 March 2022

Twenty years ago, a group of pioneering older adults in Boston created an innovative organization for people committed to aging in place: Beacon Hill Village, an all-in-one social club, volunteer collective, activity center, peer-to-peer support group, and network for various services.

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Six Ways Technology Is Evolving Travel In 2022

15 March 2022

For the athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, travel entailed robots. Everywhere. These machines prepared and served noodles, rice and burgers, and roamed hallways to take the temperatures of passersby.

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