Chewy Chilled Noodles Make The Perfect Summer Salad

05 August 2022

As summer continues, warm bowls of chewy, satisfying ramen noodles and soba can take a refreshing turn to become the center of refreshingly chilled salads such as hiyashi chuka.

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Social Security Expansion Act: Good Bottom Line For Retirees

04 August 2022

It is fortunate for us that U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders, D-VT, and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., are persistent advocates. These lawmakers have introduced their latest version of a bill to expand the Social Security program.

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The Time Has Come for DIY Mandates On Covid

03 August 2022

Here we are in the grip of yet another covid-19 surge, yet most people I see out and about are behaving as if the pandemic is over.

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3 Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner About Travel

02 August 2022

Almost every trip teaches me something about myself, the world and what not to do next time. Here are three hard-won travel lessons that may help you learn from my mistakes.

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Paxlovid: Everything You Need to Know About & Should You Take It?

01 August 2022

When President Joe Biden tested positive for covid-19 on July 21, his physician recommended he take the antiviral drug Paxlovid.

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Traveling Or A Night Out: Test For COVID Right Before You Leave

31 July 2022

A new study by Yale School of Public Health epidemiologists shows that event organizers can nearly halve the risk of their guests transmitting COVID by testing people at the door.

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