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12 Lifestyle Changes Could Delay, Prevent Dementia

02 August 2020

Modifying 12 risk factors over a lifetime could delay or prevent 40 percent of dementia cases, according to an updated report.

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What To Do With Your Stuff The Kids Don’t Want

01 August 2020

Parents who are downsizing or simply decluttering may have to get creative at finding homes for all their unwanted possessions; particularly these days.

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Home Health Workers Pay Is Paltry, Says Biden

31 July 2020

In a speech this month, former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, offered the third installment of a four-part economic plan being rolled out in advance of the Democratic National Convention in August.

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Vaccine: Public Health Experts Fear a Hasty FDA Signoff

30 July 2020

The vaccine trial that Vice President Mike Pence kicked off in Miami on Monday gives the United States the tiniest chance of being ready to vaccinate millions of Americans just before Election Day.

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Blood Test For Alzheimer’s Disease A Step Closer

29 July 2020

An experimental blood test was highly accurate at distinguishing people with Alzheimer’s disease from those without it in several studies, boosting hopes that there soon may be a simple way to help diagnose this most common form of dementia.

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Marriage: How Do You Celebrate 40 Years of Everything?

28 July 2020

Randy and I didn’t expect to have our big anniversary during a pandemic. But here we are and we’re adjusting.

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