U.S. Airports Strive To Make Flying More Inclusive For Dementia Sufferers

12 September 2023

Andrea Nissen is trying to prepare her 65-year-old husband, who has Alzheimer’s disease, for a solo flight from Arizona to Oklahoma to visit family.

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The Shrinking Number of Primary Care Physicians Is Reaching a Tipping Point

11 September 2023

I’ve been receiving an escalating stream of panicked emails from people telling me their longtime physician was retiring, was no longer taking their insurance, or had gone concierge and would no longer see them unless they ponied up a hefty annual fee.

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Fall’s The Best Time To Prep Garden Soil For New Plants

08 September 2023

Contrary to long-held gardening beliefs, it’s best not to till amendments into the soil. Doing so could damage soil structure, break up valuable fungal threads, kill earthworms and other beneficial insects, and bring weed seeds to the surface.

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3 Ways To Reduce Taxes On Social Security

07 September 2023

Social Security benefits were once tax-free. That changed in 1983, when Congress decided to tax a portion of benefits for the highest-income recipients.

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The ‘Unwinding’ Of Medicaid: A Quiet Health Emergency

06 September 2023

On May 11 the federal government announced the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE). That announcement, which should have been good news for millions of Americans, instead turned into a quiet health care emergency.

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Travelers Who Want To Avoid Babies And Kids, One Airline Will Test An Adults-Only Section

05 September 2023

Corendon Airline says that it will sell an adults-only zone, no one under 16, on flights between Amsterdam and Curacao, starting in November.

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