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Souvenirs Bring Back Past Adventures

My body is home, but my mind is roaming the globe. I’m stalking endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda, interacting with animals and people in the Amazon.

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Beware: Travel Health Insurance Might Exclude Pandemics

It was evident that the fever, nausea and loss of appetite Vlastimil Gajdoš felt on his wedding day was not a mere case of cold feet.

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Travel Insurance Can Help, But Has Its Limits

But basic policies generally don’t cover pandemics such as the coronavirus. Policies that do cost significantly more and may only cover 50-75 percent of a traveler’s losses.

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American Trails Lead To Good Food, Libations & History

Elizabeth and Andy Beyer’s drive along California’s Sonoma Valley Wine Trail was a lifelong dream. 

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Commercial Air Travel Is Safer Than Ever Says Study

It has never been safer to fly on commercial airlines, according to a new study by an MIT professor that tracks the continued decrease in passenger fatalities around the globe.

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Take A Dream Caribbean Cruise On An Authentic Windjammer

If your fondest dreams are more about the journey than the destination, a trip on a legendary four-masted windjammer in the Caribbean may be just the adventure you’re looking for.

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