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What’s your path to retirement happiness?

Retirees have a message for people still working but wondering what life might be like once they retire: “Come on in, the water’s warm.”

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San Francisco, best city to get around

Discover the most livable places for 50+ Americans

A livable community has affordable and appropriate housing, supportive community features and services, and adequate mobility options.

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Medicare: How and when to apply

Turn 65 just like 10,000 baby boomers — people born between 1946 and 1964 — do every day and sign up for Medicare, the health insurance program for people 65 and older or those who have received Social Security disability benefits for two or more years. Sounds easy, but many people are unclear whether and […]

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Small business owners neglect retirement savings

“I started thinking about all the money that had run through my hands over the years, millions of dollars,” says Kari Block, owner of Earth-Kind.

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Older workers delaying retirement plans

The recession claimed Sadowski’s business and a chunk of his savings, and with four teenage daughters, the graphic designer accepts the fact he won’t retire for another five years or more.

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Tips on how to downsize your home

By David J. Dowd Moving to a smaller space can be stressful, emotional and time consuming. It’s no secret we tend to accumulate items over the years. Starting with a strategy to sort it all out is helpful. Here are some tips to make downsize more easily: •Plan your strategy: Start with a plan, especially […]

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