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Wisdom & Old Age Allow The Mind To Soar During COVID-19

With more time on my hands as I stay at home out of harm’s way, I’ve been reminiscing about conversations from long ago.

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How my caregiving stint reveals disturbing dark side

I always considered myself a nurturing person. Though I don’t have children, I am a classic hoverer and worrier — a regular Johnny-on-the-spot whenever friends or family require emotional or medical support.

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Grandparents Should Work To Save Safety Net Programs

While the promotion of self-sufficiency is admirable, government entitlements warrant preservation since they provide a financial safety net.

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Happy and content hanging with my girlfriends

It was on one of those glorious warm May days that I decided to play hooky from work and hit the beach with two friends, who were also MIA from their daily responsibilities.

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Hello retailers, could you please extend a welcome mat?

It’s a lazy, rainy Sunday, and I’m trying to catch up with back issues of my decorating magazines. Too bad I need a magnifying glass and every light turned on in the room to make out the tiny, fancy white type describing where to purchase the items listed in the articles.

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Downsizing is bittersweet, a personal journey

As I pack up our home of more than 17 years, I gaze out my front window at the weeping cherry that my husband, David, bought me for the first wedding anniversary that we spent in our home. It was so tiny then, fragile, yet elegant.

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