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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Need An Estate Plan

Grandparents raising their grandchildren is not a new trend but today the number of grandparents doing so is trending significantly upwards.

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Are We Winning The War On Cancer? What to Know

Can cancer be cured? Some experts say the answer is yes, but that it will require reversing course on the way it’s researched and treated.

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Goodbye Uteri, You Served Your Purpose

In a few weeks, we will part. I’m 56 and sadly, you are more of a liability now. You challenged me over the years, but together we did great things.

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Treating Poor People As ‘Passive’ Health Care Consumers

In 2009, a State Legislator who chaired the House Financial Services committee, on Beacon Hill introduced a bill that would “automatically enroll all eligible seniors” into a managed care program for seniors.

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Tax Reform Could Put Pre Tax Retirement Contributions at Risk

If you like the income tax reduction you get for your 401(k) contribution then make sure to max out now, because you may not get the chance in the future.

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Pushing Health Care to The States is no Solution

The U.S. Senate recently found itself in a mad rush to beat the clock and repeal the Affordable Care Act before Sept. 30.

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