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Why I Can’t Survive Without My Kindle

I try and stay away, but fail every time. It’s so easy to use, so lightweight and compact, so effortless. When I want something, I press a button and what I crave appears in seconds, like magic.

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100 days

Evaluating President Joe Biden’s First 100 Days in Office

In the first 100 days, new presidents try to turn campaign promises into quick legislative victories, defuse lingering crises, set themselves apart from their predecessor and set a leadership tone for the next four years, all while avoiding blunders that could destroy their momentum.

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COVID-19, home health, long term care

Biden Takes Long Step Towards Long Term Care

FDR thought about doing it in 1935. Harry Truman proposed it in 1945. Dwight Eisenhower signed a small program in 1960. JFK proposed his own version in 1961.

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Meals Are An Intergenerational Activity At Laurie’s House

Welcome to the Stone house, where everyone gets a turn at the culinary wheel. There are five of us living here. Thankfully, everyone takes a turn one night a week procuring dinner.

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COVID, Vaccine,

Vaccine Distribution Should Be Based On Need Not Politics

In early March, the media in Florida reported that the grocery chain Publix’s had become the state’s largest COVID vaccine supplier, receiving nearly 25 percent of Florida’s available doses. Publix happens to be a major financial supporter of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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spelling bee

The ‘Spelling Bee’ is Addicting, Fun & Torturous

Life is stressful. But there’s one thing my mom and I do that takes the edge off. The New York Times publishes a daily game called “The Spelling Bee.”

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