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FDA, Aduhelm

Aduhelm, New Alzheimer’s Drug, Tangled in Controversy

Biogen estimates a target population of between 1 million to 1.2 million individuals could use this new drug. One Wall Street firm estimates that Biogen could reach Aduhelm sales of $5 billion by 2025.

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What Are the Most Shocking Things about Adult Sons?

Wait. I’ve been a Mom almost 30 years? How did that happen? One moment my boys are sipping juice boxes. The next they’re playing Beer Pong in the basement.

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joy, long-term care, homebound

Next Pandemic We Should Treat Homebound Better

Americans hesitant to get a COVID vaccine shot have been lured out of their bunkers with a cornucopia of goodies offered by the White House and states.

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beach chair

When Did Beach Chairs Get So Complicated?

Alas, there’s a new test for flexibility in our later years. No, it’s not how well we touch our toes or pull a stretch band. It’s how low we can sit in a beach chair.

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Government Grant Scam Costs Elderly Woman $3,200

Alice, 77, lives in rural New England. She received a Facebook Messenger text from a work colleague named Ron, who told her she could qualify for a large cash award from the government. She would get a text the next morning to determine eligibility.

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Why I Can’t Survive Without My Kindle

I try and stay away, but fail every time. It’s so easy to use, so lightweight and compact, so effortless. When I want something, I press a button and what I crave appears in seconds, like magic.

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