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The Things We Do For Love

God bless my husband, Randy. He’s doing something soon he really doesn’t want to do. If left to his own devices, he’d be relaxing in front of the television or playing a gig.

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Social Security Claiming Rules Invite Calamity

As you will quickly realize, I am not a fan of the rules governing claiming date within Social Security.

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Why do we turn to food when we feel betrayed?

Turning to food is often the fastest and easiest solution to the need to self soothe when we feel a sense of  betrayal.

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The Next Step In Maine’s Universal Home Care Campaign

The arguments against Questions 1 were predominately about taxes, not elder home care. The head of the Maine Republican Party said.

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Your Entitlements At Risk If You Don’t Vote In Midterm Elections

Do older voters realize that the “debt” McConnell is talking about has been caused by massive tax cuts that the White House proposed, and Congress passed?

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Scenes From A Boomer Marriage

There’s an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. I disagree. Having been married for over 20 years.

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