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She Says/He Says: Our Marriage’s 3 Dumbest Fights

After over 40 years of wedlock, you realize you can love someone and still drive each other crazy. You even learn no topic is too small, picky or ridiculous to have skirmishes over.

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Nostalgia And The Loss Of Penny Candy, Noise-Free Gardening

The idea that we could get two, first-run flicks for 50 cents was an economical way for our parents to get rid of us for an afternoon, not to mention allowing us kids to escape into a fantasy-filled experience of faraway places.

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The Secret Many Men Keep During The Holidays

Have you ever made a surprising discovery about your family? I did recently. It turns out my husband, sons, brother, and father were all in on it.

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Social Security, advantage

Medicare Advantage: Deceptive Marketing Practices

In 1997, Congress created Medicare + Choice plans, which allowed private health insurance companies to be paid by the federal government to offer Medicare benefits through their own plans.

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8 Awesome Things About Thanksgiving!

I admit it. I’m simple. That’s why Thanksgiving appeals to me. Yes, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the Fourth of July all have their perks, but there’s something unassuming and lovely about Thanksgiving.

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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage: A Massive Policy Toothache

I can always tell when its Medicare Open Enrollment, that 53-day period from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. My mailbox fills up with fliers, over-sized postcards and letters inviting me to join a Medicare Advantage plan.

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