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Pack Rat Laurie husband randy

Are You An Easygoing Pack Rat Or An Uptight Purger?

Can you sit in a messy room without going out of your mind? I take a deep breath each time I walk into my husband’s home office.

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Housing Bond Bill Signing

AARP Maine Celebrates Release Of Senior Housing Bond Funds

AARP Maine held a news conference to celebrate the release of Senior Housing Bond funds earmarked for older Mainers in need of affordable housing. 

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Wealth Checking

Northeast Medicaid Issues: Expansion & Mental Health

Over the years, the issue of inadequate mental health services for older people has not changed much.

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Mindy and holidays

Gratitude & Bringing Your Best Self To Holiday Table

Perhaps you or a loved one are not in a place emotionally, physically or spiritually that you’d hoped you’d be at this time.

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Laurie, chocolate

The Terrifying Day My Chocolate Ran Out: 5 Stages To Coping

You think you know how you’ll react in a crisis. You think you’ll be calm and collected. But then it happens and you’re not.

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just 4,000ohnson_elderlywalkers.jpg,awidth=502,aheight=334.pagespeed.ic.e9PK0_aAgZ

Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debates: No Elderly Issues

At the Oct. 9 debate, an elderly man submitted a question which stated: “My immediate need is property tax reduction.”

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