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Chris and Dennis Cavner of Austin, Texas, stand in the sunken living area of the 1974 single-story home they bought in February. In the remodel, the Cavners are raising and leveling the floor for easier aging in place without steps. (Sharon Jayson for Kaiser Health News)

Age-Proofing A Home Won’t Come Cheap

Dennis and Chris Cavner, in their early 70s, are preparing to move less than two blocks away into a 2,720-square-foot, ranch-style house they bought this year.

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6 Reasons Your Bathroom Needs A High-Tech Boost

As technology becomes more integrated into your everyday life, you’ll find you need to add it to every room in your house.

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What Makes A Dwelling A Home? The Answer Is Changing

The only real universal feature is a roof over your head; everything else that distinguishes a home from mere shelter is different for each of us.

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Garage sales yard

5 Tips On What To Do With Unwanted Stuff

World-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo is sparking joy among shoppers feeling the urge to clean out their homes.

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Downsizing: Solutions And Help For Small Spaces

Setting up home in a small apartment poses all sorts of challenges.

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Bathroom with accessories to help with washing and using the toilet. Bathroom in a care home in England

Aging In Place: There’s Devices, Helpers, But Unmet Needs Common

For older adults and their families, the report is a reminder of the need to plan ahead for changing capacities.

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