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Roxanne and advertising complaints

If Advertising Told The Truth About Real People And Aging

If you’re like me, there’s a whole lotta head-shaking and eye-rolling going on when you see TV and magazine ads nowadays.

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Don’t Let These Common Missteps Derail Your Summer Fun

Summer is here and so are the food-filled gatherings and celebrations. The lazy, hazy days of summer fun in the sun make it easy to throw our best intentions into the surf.

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Social Security Piggy Bank

5 Myths About Social Security Often Accepted as Facts

The discussion of Social Security has degenerated into a shouting match in no small part because ideology is more important than fact in any exchange.

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Senate Health Care Bill Unfair And Unaffordable For Mainers

After working behind closed doors, Senate leadership finally released their health care bill — The Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) — on June 22. It is now clear why the Senate bill was crafted in secret. This legislation could make adequate health insurance coverage unaffordable for millions of older Americans and would be a travesty for Maine.  Mainers have […]

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Alice Jacobs Medicaid

Middle Class Would Suffer from Medicaid Nursing Home Cuts

Medicaid pays for about two-thirds of the 1.4 million elderly people in nursing homes, like Jacobs. It covers 20 percent of all Americans, and 40 percent of poor adults.

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Miriam 2

A Grandmother Asks: Don’t All Little Girls Want To Dance?

The September after I turned 4, all my neighborhood friends went off to kindergarten. I wanted to go to school too, but I was more than six months younger and ineligible.

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