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Arthritis Drugs Show How U.S. Drug Prices Defy Economics

Renda Bower knows well the cost of drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis; her husband, son and daughter all have the painful, disabling autoimmune disease. And the family’s finances revolve around paying for them.

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Social Security, the Debt, And Tax Reform

In a recent appearance on Politico’s Playbook, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla, reduced the complexity of Social Security into roughly four quotes.

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Christmas Carol Lyrics Especially For Baby Boomers

‘Tis the season of Christmas-carol earworms. It’s hard to avoid ‘em since it seems as if we’ve been bombarded with holiday music since Labor Day.

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Inside The Crazy, Mixed-up World of Retirement

Life is backwards these days. In what seemed like seconds, I went from many years of my husband Randy away on business to the kids gone and Randy home.

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Sicily Mixes Nature, History and Culture With The Unexpected

Residents of the triangular-shaped Italian island exhibit a friendliness and self-deprecating humor that make them one reason to visit.

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Mindy and holidays

Five Things to Remember During The Holidays

You can’t rid yourself of all negative thoughts. Instead, consider changing your response to them.

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