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Summer is coming: Don’t Let Bad Body Image Rule Your Life

This time of year provokes anxiety in many as once again we desire to lose those extra pounds that may have accumulated those very same months.

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Social Security And How It Relates To The Debt Ceiling

Social Security is largely unaffected by this event because the system has layers of dedicated funding. The program has exclusive claims on payroll tax revenue.

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Renzo Viscardi (center), pictured with his parents Anthony Viscardi and Cheryl Dougan, relies on round-the-clock care from home health aides. (Courtesy of Cheryl Dougan)

Shortage Of Home Health Aides Robs Thousands Of Proper Care

Acute shortages of home health aides and nursing assistants are cropping up across the country, threatening care for people with serious disabilities and vulnerable older adults.

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Why downsize? Consider Remodeling To Age In Place

The small businesses that dominate the home remodeling industry are expecting robust growth in the next few years, thanks partly to baby boomers who want to remain in their homes.

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To Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s, Think Before You Eat

Diets designed to boost brain health, targeted largely at older adults, are a new, noteworthy development in the field of nutrition.

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ACA: How GOP Can Still Alter Your Coverage

The Affordable Care Act’s worst enemies are now in charge of the vast range of health coverage it created. They’re also discussing changes that could affect a wider net of employment-based policies and Medicare coverage for seniors.

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