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One In 10 Older Adults Have Gotten A ‘Pandemic Pet’

A lot of the attention around “pandemic pets” has focused on families with children getting a cat, dog or other pet in 2020, during a time when many people were learning or working from home. But a new poll shows that older adults also got in on the trend.

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Brain Sensor Offers Alzheimer’s Answers

Through a brain sensor, Julius Zhu, PhD, and his collaborators have found an explanation for why Alzheimer’s drugs have limited effectiveness and why patients get much worse after going off of them.

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Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers Must Reopen For Mental Health Sake

For nearly a year, nursing homes and assisted living centers have been mostly closed to visitors. Now, it’s time for them to open back up and relieve residents of crushing isolation.

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The ‘Spelling Bee’ is Addicting, Fun & Torturous

Life is stressful. But there’s one thing my mom and I do that takes the edge off. The New York Times publishes a daily game called “The Spelling Bee.”

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Covid Shot: When It’s Your Turn, Don’t Worry About Numbers

When getting vaccinated against covid-19, there’s no sense being picky. You should take the first authorized vaccine that’s offered, experts say.

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Couples Experience Sadness, Anger During Pandemic

There have been no shortage of conflicts arising from the era of COVID-19, and that includes the challenges at home between married couples. 

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