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Social Security Giveth, Medical Costs Taketh Away

Retirees spent on average more than a third of their Social Security benefits on out-of-pocket medical costs in 2014.

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Pointers Help Save Money, Avoid Strain of Medicare Enrollment

Older or disabled Americans with Medicare coverage have probably noticed an uptick in mail solicitations from health insurance companies: It’s time for the annual Medicare open enrollment.

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True or False? Your Relationship With Food Affects Metabolism

Some of us are hearing the call of those jumbo sized bags of Halloween candy or realizing Thanksgiving isn’t far away.

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Can Life Begin at 80? My Mother’s Did

You think life is one way, but then realize it’s not. In fact, it’s different than you imagined.

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Taxation of Social Security Benefits Contentious

Little in the IRS tax code draws more unfavorable response than the rules around the taxation on Social Security benefits. As contentious as that feature of the system can be, it is here to stay.

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Why Humans Don’t Have a Penis Bone, Other Tantalizing Tidbits

I’m always filing away news items that make me smile, shake my head or go, “Hmmm…” Apparently, tidbits relating to private parts have this effect on me more often than not, judging from the assortment that found its way into this blog post.

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